Old Mission Peninsula Wine Tour

How LONG is the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula wine trail?

The Peninsula stretches north 19 miles to Grand Traverse Bay and is only four miles wide at the broadest point. All eight of our wineries are within about five miles of each other.

Is it possible to BIKE to all or most of the wineries?

Sure, it is possible to ride your bikes between the wineries, but this would definitely be considered a challenging bike trip.  There are numerous hills between the wineries, and we are mostly along highway M-37. There are fairly wide shoulders along the highway in most places, but you should judge how comfortable you are with cars passing you at 55mph around curves and on hills.

WHAT ELSE is there to do on the wine trail?

Indoors or outdoors, endless activities await in popular Traverse City. Visit traversecity.com for ideas for every season!

What is the HISTORY of the WOMP wine trail?

The Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula (WOMP) is a non-profit trade organization 501(C)(6) that includes eight wineries located on Old Mission Peninsula. The WOMP organization is dedicated to marketing the Old Mission Peninsula wineries and wine trail to tourists and visitors of the Traverse City area through collective advertising, branding, media relations, social media, and events.

In 2001, five of the eight (current) partner wineries came together with a goal of bringing more people to their tasting rooms. Chateau Chantal, Bowers Harbor Vineyards, Chateau Grand Traverse, Peninsula Cellars, and Brys Estate were the only wineries on the peninsula at the time. In May 2002, the group was officially registered as the Old Mission Wine Growers Association. Since then, the name changed to Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula and three additional wineries joined which were Black Star Farms,  2 Lads and Hawthorne Vineyards.

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