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Many questions arise when we are talking to our customers about booking a wine or beer tour in Northern Michigan.

Over the years we have been able to help customers make their trip to Traverse City more memorable because of our knowledge of this beautiful northern country.

Here are some things to keep in mind when booking a wine or microbrew tour with us:

  1. We know the best restaurants, hotels, wineries and microbrews in the area.  We have worked closely with their staff to make sure our guests get the best service.  Let us guide you in the right direction when making these decisions.
  2. On a normal tour we stop at 4-5 wineries or microbrews depending on the length of time you booked us for.  We will pick them out for you and of course you can pick your favorites also.
  3. Our drivers are professional, reliable and just a whole lot of fun.  Take their suggestions of places to eat, stay and have fun at.
  4. Eat a big meal before you start your tour.  You will be consuming a lot of wine.  Even though they are tastings each winery is giving you about a full glass of wine with five tastings!
  5. Enjoy the scenery.  When you tour Old Mission or Leelanau Peninsula you will be in awe of our beautiful country.
  6. While you’re sharing on social media, make sure to use our hashtag #tctours!
  7. But most of all ask us for suggestions, cab service, hotels, restaurants, water sports…the list is endless and with over 25 years in the service industry we know it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and of course to book your Traverse City Wine or Beer Tour!


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